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Listening to Live Streaming of the 2019 Spring Festival in Tokyo

The 2019 Spring Festival Live Streaming offers live concert broadcasts over the Internet. Listeners can enjoy hearing these concerts not only with their computers, but with smart phones, tablet computers, or other devices as well.

Please use the following devices when you listen to Spring Festival Live Streaming broadcasts:

  • • Internet connection
  • • Listening equipment (any one of the following)
    • • Computer (Windows 7/8.1/Mac OS X)
    • • Smart phone or tablet (iPhone, iPad, Android)


Live page available 10:00 am (JST) on April 6, 2019. Go to Top page then click play button.


  • • You will need an Internet connection speed of at least 1 Mbps.
  • • Listen using your browser, and please make sure that you have upgraded to the most recent version.
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